Peter Quarmby

I am currently making Windsor Chairs and also turned objects such as bowls, platters and trays.  Most items are made out of  locally-sourced wood.

The turned objects are usually quite large in size, and using the Voisey-Buse lathe I can produce items of up to 24 inches in diameter.  This is fairly unusual for turned work, and is possible thanks to the standard to which the lathe used is engineered.  The quality of engineering enables me to exploit quite large pieces of wood to produce objects which are large enough for practical use in the case of the trays, or more sculptural, so far as some of the bowls are concerned.

The chair pictured above is a Sack Back Windsor Chair.  This particular chair is based on a North American style, which in very general terms may be said to differ from the English by way of being less square in its appearance, and more open.  The differences between the two styles owe much to the physical qualities of the various woods available on either side of the Atlantic.  My aim is to offer a chair which is pleasing to the eye, and also comfortable to sit in.

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(Photos updated March 2012)

(Photos updated September 2011)

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