Julie Simmonds

Mixed media mono-prints, drawings, paintings and ceramics.

My most recent mono-prints are retrospective and symbolic representations of the landscape of my childhood, inspired by drawings and paintings produced at Kimmeridge Bay, in Dorset this summer. Kimmeridge has many vestiges of WW2 defence systems: squat pillboxes, anti-tank blocks and a large unexploded bomb! These decaying totems stand or sag like surreal sculptures, visceral reminders of the sacrifice made by so many in WW2; sole relics sitting amongst the flotsam and jetsam of the fisherman working in the bay, the locals and the tourists. Watching above the bay is the ever present Cavell’s Tower; dark and watchful. Kimmeridge has always been a source of intrigue and wonderment and a place of introspection; and as such its bizarre historic surrealism is a vivid reminder.


(Photos updated March 2012)

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