May 25, 2011

Caversham Arts Trail 2011

Thank you for supporting the second Caversham Arts Trail. It was an enormous success with over 3,000 visitors, many of whom visited all venues.  You can see images from the trail here.

As we begin to organise the third Caversham Arts Trail we are looking at improving your experience and would welcome your feedback. Please leave your responses  here.

Pottery by David Pope

As exhibitors we loved meeting people who appreciated our art, talking techniques and opening our studios, homes and gardens for everyone to enjoy. We hope this has given you an insight into how many creative people live and work in Caversham. We are also pleased to share that we raised £187 for the King’s Meadow Baths campaign.

If you want to see more art,  or missed the Caversham Arts Trail don’t despair as this weekend, 28th to 30th May is the Henley Arts Trail. There will be 23 venues in and around Henley, all with free admission. You can download the brochure here.  The following artists from the Caversham Arts Trail are taking part: Lauren Denney – Venue 12,  Louise Spiers and Nina O’Connell – Venue 20, Nicola Duncan,  Nina Krauzewicz and Christine Brewster – Venue 1 and Anne Webster and Gloria Pitt  -Venue 11.

Paintings by Nicola Duncan

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